‘Bake Bar’ Alexandria ’17

Why is it always the spontaneous finds that turn out to be the best? 🤔  (food for thought I guess.. LITERALLY!)

Bake Bar has definitely become one of my more “regular” pit stops over the last six months. And I kid you not when I say, ever since I discovered this little hidden gem on the way home, I’ve been head over heels 😉💕.


Bake Bar is situated on the well known McEvoy Street of Alexandria – I think we’d all agree it’s one of the most renowned brunch areas in Sydney 👍🏼, close to Newtown too! (Some amazing cafes there as well) – So it should come as no surprise that there are quite a few cafes along this block, home to: Substation Cafe, Bread and Circus, Grandma’s, The Grounds, COOH, Sonoma and much more. If you’re from the area or looking for somewhere to start your brunching adventures.. I’d say Alexandria is a great place to start!

Smoothie Sunday’s 😆🍓🍇🍌😍  [ @talesofabrunchiesydney – See POST HERE] Weekly special ACAI smoothie 💯👍🏼 #pitstops #regulardays #brunch#partofitanyways @bakebarbakery #acai#acaiberry #antioxidants #healthyfood#cleaneating #tastesgoodtoo#yummyinmytummy #alexandria#sydneyeats #cafes #brunch🍴 Candid photos for Candid moments #thoughts#reflection #metime 😌 #foodie#foodblogger #sydneybrunch#sydneyfoodie Bake Bar 📍 Alexandria
Moving on –> Yep. I’m there quite frequently.. anyone who has me on Snapchat has definitely been a victim to my bakebar spam 😅. Even so, when it looks and tastes so yummy I feel like it’d be a shame not share it with you all ). I would be exaggerating if I said a daily basis, however I have come quite close – Let’s just say, whenever I can squeeze it in between my brunch adventures, the beach, gym and to and from work – atleast twice a week – I mean I am a foodie afterall, so it would be counter intuitive to not leave room for the array of other cafes in Sydney too 😋! BUT (and I know you should never begin a sentence with “but”, however speaking out loud it just seems appropriate.. it’s a blog right?) the fact that I keep coming back… speaks for itself 👍🏼.

Oh did I mention? It’s an Artisan Bakery.. they know bread and they know it well!

Regular Orders:

• Acai Smoothie   –   $7.50

Organic acai pulp mixed with banana

BEST Acai smoothies in Sydney, and I’m not over exaggerating, but I’ll concede it’s the best I’ve “tried” so far and yes, I’ve tasted quite a few 👍🏼. It isn’t explicitly stated on their menu what’s in the smoothie –  the secret to it ‘tasting so great’ obviously hidden 😉, yet I do there’s 100% banana  🍌 in there!

Is it ironic that I’m sipping on one of these right now while updating these posts? hehe 😁 What comes to mind? 🤔 Fresh.. coolingly sweet, melts in your mouth 😍 I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Berries and Banana should be the foundation for every fruit smoothie, so yummy and the texture always seems to come out just right 👌🏼 #bakebar#organic #artisan #alexandria #sydneyeats#sweettreats #nosobadcheats #foodie#foodblogger #brunchie #foodphotography#talesofabrunchiesydney Bake Bar 📍 Alexandria
©TALESOFABRUNCHIE™ – Yes, I know! It’s half empty, but let’s keep a ‘half full’ mentality 😉 Naturally in between leaving Bake Bar and driving to the beach I would have consumed some of it! Check out the consistency though!.. 15 minutes later and it’s still quite composed 👍🏼 I told you!… This recipes a good #bakebar#organic #artisan #alexandria #sydneyeats#sweettreats #nosobadcheats #foodie#foodblogger #brunchie #foodphotography#talesofabrunchiesydney Bake Bar 📍 Alexandriaone! Bake Bar 📍 Alexandria

• Flourless Cupcakes   –   approx. ~$6

YES! There’s NO flour.. how’s that for avoiding bad carbs 👊🏼 wooo! – it is bikini body season after all, which makes me feel a little “less” guilty eating these bad boys  😅 – oh and they taste GREAT, very light weight, come in FOUR amazing flavours to choose from and not too sweet ☺️!

• Egg Whites (with rye sourdough)   –   $13.90

Scrambled egg whites, with sautéed mushrooms and spinach 

I’m usually dining out than dine in because it works best with my lifestyle. Personally, the most enjoyable part is being able to conveniently take away these little goodies and share them with my family or friends. Yes, there are also times where I sneak in a treat or two at the beach haha.. you only live once, might as well enjoy it!







It isn’t too bad depending on the time and day of the week you’re brunching on – There’s actually a parking lot just off the corner street of McEvoy (entrance via Stokers Avenue) before Bake Bar where I usually find parking.  If I’m lucky enough before the ‘3pm no stopping’ is enforced, you may find street parking on McEvoy itself, right in front of the cafe 😆 – although there’s lots of tradesmen working so street parking can be a little challenging. However, keep in mind, It’s not paid parking, which is a bonus 🎉 So you can absolutely save more money aside for brunch!

• Bake Bar Alexandria •

Address: 112 McEvoy St, Alexandria NSW 2015

Trading Hours: 6AM-4PM Mon-Sun

Contact (ph): (02) 8964 9825

• Bake Bar Randwick •

Address: 67 Frenchmans Rd, Randwick NSW 2031

Trading Hours: 6AM-6PM Mon-Sun

Contact (ph): (02) 8021 0728

Instagram: @bakebarbakery

Facebook: /bakebar

Visit their Website HERE!

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ENJOY munching away, and let me know what you think! Have you tried their other items? Share your photos and experiences.. (#talesofabrunchiesydney) You know how much I love hearing from you 🙂

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