ACAI (ah-sah-EEE) seems to be one of the biggest marketed products I’ve come across while exploring my way through some of Sydney’s most notorious eatery’s. Cafes, restaurants and health food stores alike, and I mean why shouldn’t it be?

It’s selling like wild fire 🔥!

Promoted for its health benefits and antioxidants as well as holding the title of “superfood”, it’s definitely a reason to convince health food fanatics that this be the best choice to include among their breakfast, brunch and munching sessions. The “hype” is crazy and the truth is.. we all love it! I may be exaggerating when I say it’s sort of become a mini movement across the brunch world.. especially over Instagram, but with so many places utilising acai, is it starting to become a “norm” among breakfast and brunch menus? 🤔🤔🤔

I say NOT! There will always be those that stand out from the crowd.. and I’m here to find out just “who” they are! Highlight the former from the latter – So my mission – in Sydney – “who” does it best? 😝 Whether it’s a smoothie or smoothie bowl – how can we differentiate between, good, great and amazing? I mean nothing’s worse than eating something that is substandard, and YOU know! Why? Because you’ve had it before, and it just doesn’t taste as good!

(Ps. I’m a foodie, NOT a critic.. there will be NO naming and shaming up here, I merely enjoy sharing the best eats I find and feel it’s my due diligence to acknowledge these amazing places for their efforts! – if you’re products have impressed me, then yes, I can’t wait to post them up!! Job well done guys 👍🏼). Naturally, everybody is “different” with their tastes and I will concede this list may not suit everyone – so let’s give some.. ‘marking criteria’.. for lack of a better word:


Watery 😵❌ (nope.. not eating that.. or drinking that should I say 😅)… nothing is worse than digging into a smoothie bowl that could be called the equivalent of a ‘fruit soup’. I’ll be honest.. I’ve tried many acai bowls.. yep my bank statement is basically a tribute to food.. some people do it really well.. and some people don’t 😑.  See it as “room for improvement” people!!!!
When it arrives: I like it to be – well blended ✅ (smooth, no chunky ice pieces or remaining bits of banana 😭, yep I’ve been on the receiving end of this on more than one occasion, such a shame when it only needed to be blended a little longer 😔), just enough ice ✅ (I think it may be too much ice that leaves it watery – either that, or it just melts too quickly) – and thick ✅ (like I said before, it’s a bowl.. NOT a soup!)


I don’t know explicitly what it is about the combination of banana and berries, but it just seems to WORK 👌🏼. Balances the taste out really well! However, the beauty in trying acai smoothies and bowls from different places is to appreciate their own unique ‘spin’ on it! Like a week ago, I stumbled along the Social Brew, Pyrmont after work – yep. Acai smoothie for one – the flavours were unreal and unusual from what I was use to.. the magic ingredient: Green Apple, it really gave the smoothie a bit of a “kick”..- me a kick too haha – and I liked that! Intuitive and unique flavour with great consistency ✅ Absolutely coming back!

On a side note; since I’m not a big sweets fan… I find the acai blends with coconut water or almond milk taste much better!! This is a personal preference and I can’t speak for everyone, but if you don’t eat a lot of sugar like me, then you can really REALLY taste when juices, such as apple are used. It’s SUPER sweet, and I mean you’re already gaining sugar from the fruit itself, so excess sugar means excess calories 😑 – not so healthy after all right? Goes with ANY food, smoothie or blend you order, ALWAYS check what’s in it! 👍🏼 Calling something healthy and it actually being healthy.. are two different things! Not that people do this intentionally to “trick” you, but eyes open 👀 – If you’re aware of it beforehand.. it could save you that extra 15mins on the treadmill – Don’t know about you, but some days cardio can be a real drag 🙄 So wasted efforts are absolutely counterproductive!


You can go CRAZY with this one.. and some places actually do! – if you’ve missed the hype: places like Blendini Health Bar and Cocobliss let you ‘make your own’ – There’s nothing wrong with traditional smoothie bowl toppings – I do find the combinations of FRESH Fruit 🍓🍇🍌, Granola, Goji berries and Chia seeds or Shredded Coconut 🌴 seem to work quite well!! However, be INTUITIVE – switching up the presentation, layout, adding exotic toppings can change you’re typical acai into something EPIC and UNIQUE.. and I don’t know about you.. but once I’ve had something really great somewhere.. I’d drive all the way back there, yep. Even if it’s out of the way.. just to have it again 😆👊🏼 – What I DON’T like.. I did experience dried fruit topped in an acai bowl once.. and not that I don’t mind munching on it every now and then.. however, the combination with an iced smoothie bowl (and it IS a lot of unnecessary sugar)… let’s just say, I probably wouldn’t order it again!

Anyways, enjoy EACH “seasons” reviews as they come! I’ve decided to list a top 5 for EACH review of the cafes visited –  so yes, no cafe will come up for the same menu item twice, unless they have a new and improved version ofcourse! I’m all about that progress and development 👊🏼⤴️  – what’s more? I am absolutely convinced that you’re all eager to see ALL the Acai that Sydney has to offer.. because let’s face it.. I am too 😝!

2018 ACAI MISSION LIST Coming Soon! (Check out the recap post on my blog HERE!)


YES!!! The “wait” is over!!! It’s being updated as you read… right here! Right NOW! 😝 Saying it’s a “good” one would be an understatement… it’s a GREAT one ☝🏼- And YES I know, these past few cold days ❄️ have made it hard to bare the chilling feels of an acai bowl in the morning 😣 (Except somehow I am STILL craving them.. rain, hail or shine haha). However, every now and then the sun comes out, so keep them on your list! You’ll absolutely want to take advantage of the opportunity when it comes by ☺️! Enjoy!



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These guys hold the crown this season!! Some say “good first impressions are hard to come by”.. but clearly the people saying that haven’t tried these Acai Bowls!!
Everything from the taste, to consistency, to toppings is completely on par 👌🏼. The most unique quality of this acai is the “way” it’s delivered – NOT you’re “typical” smoothie bowl – their Acai formula is frozen to a sorbet-like consistency, that could easily be mistaken for ice cream upon first glance 🍦! As well as VERY generous servings (three large ice cream size scoops) it’s layered on top of their signature “RAWnola”. OH for all you readers out there –> it’s VEGAN friendly and gluten FREE – so NO Bias – catering to most if not all customers!! <— As you can tell already, a great foundation! Just wait til we reach the toppings 😍. Every cafe has their own style, but the best cafes put their own “swag” onto their menu items, and make them stand out from the rest – Ritual gives me “that” vibe 👊🏼. Check out that “R”: it’s edible, it’s watermelon 🍉 and it’s creatively perfected! To top it off there’s a plethora of mixed fruits: banana 🍌 kiwi 🥝 strawberries 🍓 pomegranate 🍇 passionfruit 💯 blueberries 💙 coconut 🌴 AND a cheeky hint of yoghurt (I’m not 100% sure if it’s your typical Greek yoghurt, so if you’re vegan best to double check BEFORE ordering! ☺️) – overall, it’s decent value for coin, at $17, you really can indulge!

• CocoBliss – Mango Weiss Bowl •

©TOAB™ – CocoBliss – Mango Weiss Bowl

LOVE that these are made FRESH to order and it’s super convenient 👍🏼 (They even have their OWN “cocobliss” app – so if you’re in a rush or “on the go” like me, it’s great to be able to pre-order!). I’ve tried a couple of their smoothie bowls, and took advantage of their 200 bowl FREE Amazonia giveaway (thank you!!! We foodies love ❤️ freebies, our banks statements are essentially food diaries after all lol). There really IS something about coconut yoghurt, strawberries 🍓 and mango that work so WELL together 👌🏼. Super YUMMY 🤤.

• Culture Bean – Acai Bowl •

©TOAB™ – Culture Bean – Acai Bowl

This one’s YUMMY, and cheeky I suspect 🤔 And by “cheeky” I’m referring to the granola, it tastes great, there’s some dried fruit, and it’s super crunchy, which goes down well with the soft blended acai. However, it is on the sweeter side compared to the granola I’m accustomed to, hence, I’d say a bit more sugar… So I’d keep it as a ‘special treat’ in my books (just a little insight for the health conscious individual)…”if” sugar intake is a concern to you that is.. if not, go AHEAD and ENJOY! A lot of my fellow foodies did, so I’m sure you will too! PRESENTATION is an A+. It possesses all the necessary qualities you would expect of an acai bowl.. it’s simple, yet very sophisticated! I like it! ☺️ good job!

• MY FRUITOLOGIST Mixed Organic Acai Bowl •

©TOAB™ – MY FRUITOLOGIST Mixed Organic Acai Bowl

First impression? BEST value for coin! What’s better? Sometimes these bowls are piled mountains high ⛰ (check out their Instagram feed – @myfruitologist – it’s madness!!). The portion sizes are crazy, I find you do get more when you “dine-in” as opposed to takeaway, as the bowls are larger, but either way, it’s quite a size to finish! Featured is a requested “mixed” acai bowl – they offer one with only strawberries (called the Sunset Bowl) and another one with solely banana – I happen to love BOTH so ‘mixed’ it was! They’re ORGANIC too!

• CHOCO LA-TI-DA Acai Bowl ** •


This is another great bowl – just made the cut this quarter. I actually happened to stumble across this cafe while grocery shopping! I saw the Amazonia Acai flag hanging from their window front and couldn’t resist the temptation to try it! Haha 😂. I’m glad I did, because it deserves some recognition! There aren’t many cafes in this area that do acai extremely well, so I was pleasantly surprised! I’ll admit the granola is similar to that of Culture Bean – sweet – so I’ll keep it as an occasional treat!

**(30th Nov UPDATE! Upon a second visit, it’s sad to say this cafe has closed-down, and been re-opened with new management called “Blum Bar Brighton” a health food brunch inspired cafe – and they’re open until 8pm EVERYDAY (which is great because it’s local for me :), will post up some content soon!)


This season was a hard and challenging one indeed!! You wouldn’t think so, with it being winter and all – However, it took a lot of thought and critical thinking to nail down a top 10 let alone top 5 (check out all my acai visits on my Instagram or Food Diary).



Overdose was a very strong contender last season, and this month I had to go back a second time to be sure.. and boy.. was I IMPRESSED 😮! They really changed up their style and challenged the “typical” acai bowl layout… I LOVED it! SAME great taste, with an even better look and more fresh exotic produce (aka. Pomegranate, edible flowers and passionfruit).

• SADHANA KITCHEN Epic Acai ** •


Sadhana Kitchen Bondi has become one of my favourite eating stops, love their lunch and breakfast menu and finally tried their Acai – inspiring that everything is HOUSE MADE, granola is original and cheeky with a mix of goji berries and cocoa bits mixed in, it’s fantastic! Acai itself is very well blended, and banana 🍌 (YAY LOVE BANANA 😆) fresh and natural tasting (NO JUICES 👍🏼).

**(As 20th Nov, 2017 Sadhana have closed down :(, I hope they re-open soon because I LOVE their menu!)

• BONDI WHOLEFOODS Acai Smoothie •


I’ve been to Bondi Wholefoods on a couple occasions this season and between their Acai Bowl and Smoothie.. it’s the smoothie that had me convinced! It’s full of wholefood components: berry blended ✅ dairy free ✅ with a very classy presentation, expected of a well known wholefood store (ps. If you haven’t tried their vegan pancakes – GET ON IT 👊🏼 – see my daily finds for reference/Instagram page, just WOW 😳!).

• BAKE BAR Acai Smoothie •

©TOAB™ – BAKE BAR Acai Smoothie

Bake Bar’s Acai Smoothie is my regular weekly favourite, BEST value for money, convenient, and the taste is PERFECT! They’ve got a really good mix going.. and YEP… We ALL want to know exactly what’s in it, mL for mL haha!!

• SUBSTATION CAFE Acai Smoothie •


** Lucky Last ** Substation Cafe’s Acai Smoothie!! Tasted sooo yummy! Went down perfectly well with that signature salad 🥗 👌🏼 I’m pretty sure there’s banana in this one too.. 🤔 Hopefully go back soon and put my tastebuds to the test! Was sweet enough from the berries and great consistency ✅ They’ve got a good mix going on this one and I really enjoyed it!


(1) BAKE BAR Acai Smoothie 

©TOAB™ – BAKE BAR Acai Smoothie

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This deserved a close up shot 👌🏼 it’s great when your brunch looks as great as it tastes 😍 ** A C A I bowl Masterpieces 💜 👍🏼 @overdosespecialtycoffee#acai#acaibowl#antioxidants#vegetarian#granola#coconut#healthylifestyle#cleaneating#freshandfun#instafood#foodart#brunchie#sydneyfoodie#summervibes#togetlean#localfinds#ramsgatebeach#sydney🇦🇺#foodphotography#talesofabrunchiesydney#acaimission#top5 Overdose Specialty Coffee Ramsgate Beach


ACAI bowls are going crazy this season, and there’s definitely a reason for it to be! 😝 Catch this little treat tasty made FRESH @blendinihealthbar – ** Brazilian Acai ** – Features #acai 💜 #banana 🍌 #almondmilk#granola#strawberries 🍓 #blueberries#shreddedcoconut Oh and they also have a “Build your own” option too, so you can choose anything you like, just the way you like it! 👍🏼 #acaibowls#tastesgreat#soyummy#yummyinmytummy#healthyfood#fitspo#cleaneating#brunchadventures#instafood#foodporn#sydneyeats#foodphotography#foodstyling#talesofabrunchiesydney#ambayalcinkayaphotography#acaimissionBlendini Healthfood Bar Rozelle

(4) SOCIAL BREW Acai Smoothie

©TOAB™ – SOCIAL BREW Acai Smoothie

🍇 ** A C A I Super Blend ** 🍇 @socialbrewcafe Loving the variety of Acai smoothies this summer ☀️ – Yes, the come in all different shapes, sizes and blends, this one features a “kick” of green apple 🍏👌🏼 perfect blend sweet and sour 😆 #Acai#smoothie#antioxidant#superberry#berryblends#dailyfinds#cafesonthego#brunch#brunchie#sydneyfoodie#instafood#foodart#summervibes goals 👊🏼 #healthylifestyle#eatingclean#trainmean 😝💪🏼 #togetlean💪🏼 #pyrmont#sydney#socialbrew#foodphotography#talesofabrunchiesydneySocial Brew Pyrmont

(5) LUSH ON BONDI Acai Smoothie

©TOAB™ – LUSH ON BONDIAcai Smoothie

 ACAI smoothie 🍇🍓🍌 @lushonbondi 😝😆😎 Full of antioxidants, refreshing and tastes great 👌🏼💯 Number one go to smoothie this summer ☀️🌊 #imobssessed#weeklytreats#secondbrunch#brunchonthego#acaiberry#superfood#antioxidants#berrypower#glutenfree#dairyfree#acaibandwagon#getonit#summer2016🌴#smoothielover#acai#banana#forgetsoftdrinks#fresh#healthylife#youarewhatyoueatanddrink 😉🤔 #whynotmakeitgoodforyouandyourbody#lushonbondi#cafes#bar#bythewate#bondibeach#sydney#australia Lush On Bondi at Bondi Beach #foodie#foodblogger

I’ll be updating this list on a “seasonal” basis! YES I love acai.. A LOT, so maybe you’ll see a monthly special every now and then in my Food Diary haha 😂! Check in to see the new and upcoming places – I can’t wait to come to a final decision end of this year 😉 (it’s going to be a tough one)!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram: @talesofabrunchiesydney and Facebook page: /talesofabrunchieXx  Amba


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