Hi fellow food lovers, enthusiasts and bruncher’s! I like to keep things SHORT and SWEET, so here we go:

• Hi , I’m Amba (sometimes spelled with an ‘-er’, but I prefer the ‘-a’) ✌🏼 Blogger, Photographer, Adventurer, Graduate and now CREATOR and AUTHOR of Tales of a Brunchie (TOAB) Sydney.

• Beginning of 2017, my family finally identified I’m a “hangry” person – moody when I’m hungry and shift to a ridiculous state of happiness after eating haha 🤤😍.

• Even though I love all food, I (a) can’t eat a lot of it at once and (b) also like to stay fit and healthy, so healthier alternatives are a BIG plus 🍉🍌🥝. I’m not vegan, but I enjoy vegan cafes, foods and appreciate that their derived from plant sources (I am VERY passionate about animal equality and welfare)

• TOAB all started with my BRUNCH obsession – Yes, my bank statement is a FOOD DIARY – I invested in a DSLR, started taking photos and uploaded them onto Instagram with my thoughts.

• I love to talk to other foodies, cafe owners and staff – you know the industry BEST! 💯 So hit me up – we can dnm over your NEW menu or experiences! 👍🏼


  • I DON’T get paid to advertise, post or market the places I visit! I merely LOVE photography, blogging and food – So you’ll get the whole truth and nothing but the truth from me (#lawstudenthumour YES all my law buddies will laugh at this haha!).
  • I also DON’T do negative feedback online – I can’t seem to rationalise wasting valuable time hating on something or someone? Life’s TOO short!  “Positive criticism” is always healthy, but I discretely speak with staff #roomforimprovement and don’t publicise it across social media. It’s very rare that I don’t enjoy eating somewhere, and if so, i simply WON’T write up about it #timeisbetterspentelsewhere 🙂
  • [ ALL Photographic work is ORIGINAL (aka. taken by myself! @amba.yalcinkaya. As amazing as Canon DSLR’s may be, I am a learning photographer .. Progression is key, so advice and tips are always welcome! Everyone has to start somewhere right? ]

I have completed an entire 2018 website MAKEOVER!! *  single-handedly 😉 * I’ve learned a lot about coding, blogging, editing and writing this past year since TOAB’s inception! I HOPE YOU ENJOY!