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  • I do NOT get paid to advertise, post or market the places I visit! I merely LOVE photography, blogging and food – So you’ll get the whole truth and nothing but the truth (#lawstudenthumour YES all my law buddies will laugh at this haha!).
  • I also DON’T do negative feedback online – I can’t seem to rationalise wasting valuable time hating on something or someone? Life’s TOO short!  “Positive criticism” is always healthy, but I discretely speak with staff #roomforimprovement and don’t publicise it across social media. It’s very rare that I don’t enjoy eating somewhere, and if so, i simply WON’T write up about it #timeisbetterspentelsewhere 🙂
  • [ ALL Photographic work is ORIGINAL (aka. taken by myself! @amba.yalcinkaya. As amazing as Canon DSLR’s may be, I am a learning photographer .. Progression is key, so advice and tips are always welcome! Everyone has to start somewhere right? ]

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Food will always come FIRST, but it’d be a shame not to enjoy the beach while I’m here! 😝  Look forward to hearing from you! @talesofabrunchiesydney  📍 North Bondi Beach
Xx Amba 🙂